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Is this Wayne Manor?

September 29th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

As filming for the MEGA anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues, many photos and videos are being captured and put up for viewing on the internet.

Today, some photos and a video seem to hint towards the discovery of Wayne Manor, and what it will look like in the film. According to reports, the building is the Ransom Gillis House, which is located in Detroit.

Not what you were expecting huh? Well…rumors are circulating that either this is meant to show that Bruce Wayne in this film isn’t the millionaire/billionaire that we’ve come to know him as, or, that this isn’t Wayne Manor after all.

Some things do point to this being the home of the Waynes though, most interesting is the fact that the trailer for Alfred (to be played by Jeremy Irons) was seen at this location. And given that Alfred rarely leaves the manor in most films, it’s a safe bet that this could be the house in question.

Further proof is that the building appears again in a scene captured on video and posted here. This is interesting because, as you can see, the police are racing towards the house. Possible trouble in the manor?

Regardless though, this is no doubt an important location in the movie, and we hope to update you the moment we get confirmation.


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