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Is Tron 3 To Be Called Tron: Ascension?

March 31st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Tron Legacy

Hot off the heels of the announcement that Tron 3 was in the works, we may have a potential title for the film.

A title listing in Production Weekly may be the answer we’re looking for, as it clearly states (among numerous movie titles, some of which are VERY interesting…) Tron: Ascension.

Now, you may be thinking “that’s not a guarantee!”, and you’re right, it’s not. But it would fit with what Tron 3 could be about. Tron: Legacy was very much about the legacy of Kevin Flynn, and what it meant for his son. Ascension could be about the rise of Sam, or the re-rise of Kevin…or Tron himself…after all…we know he’s not dead…

Furthermore, Production Weekly has stated that the movie is “is planning to film in Vancouver from Early-October 2015 thru February 2016.” Oh, and they say Tron: Ascension in the tweet. Boom!

So that’s soon, and that means we could get some more details VERY soon. Stay tuned Tron fans!

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