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IT director has his mind set of directing another classic Stephen King tale next…

August 6th, 2017 by Marc Comments

While, heartbreaking as it is, it seems that the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is a dead loss, we still have tow big King events coming in the next few weeks.

The first is the Mr Mercedes TV adaptation (here) while the second is one that many people will be excited for… IT.

IT is set to arrive in September and already is getting great positive early word  – from the trailers we’ve seen so far, it really looks like director Andy Muschietti has nailed the terrifying nature of Pennywise the clown – we just hope he nails all the stuff that is in the book and is much bigger than just scares.

Interesting side note: in the novel it is established that every 27 years the evil returns to the town of Derry, Maine to prey on the town’s children… coincidentally (or not?), the original TV miniseries came out in 1990. That means that, yes, it’s been 27 years since we last saw Pennywise. Cool, right?

“This is a novel that’s 1,500 pages, and if there ever was a perfect novel to split up into two movies it’s It because this is the story of the kids when they are 13 and then 27 years later when they are 40. I think it would be a terrible thing not to do a follow-up because it’s not a sequel; it’s the second part of the book. And honestly, it would have been impossible to do justice to the book with just one film,” says Muschietti.

Anyway, it seems that the director has already got his mind set on the next movie he wants to do (after the second part of IT is released all being well)… Pet Semetary.

The book of Pet Sematary was penned by King in 1981 and a pretty damned good movie version was made in 1983 starring Dale Midkiff and Munsters star Fred Gwynne: “We’re huge fans of Pet Sematary,” Muschietti says.

“If we can get our hands on that and do the Pet Sematary we want to do, that will be something. One day, maybe.”


Pet Sematery is a really dark tale of a young family who find that a local pet cemetery has the ability to bring back dead animals and, after the tragic death of their son, they decide to see if the same thing can work for dead people. Needless to say himself, the whole tale goes awry.

Interestingly, I have always felt that Pet Sematary was King’s best novel to movie adaptation and, given that he wrote the novel and the screenplay, it’s easy to see why.

While there’s other King novels that deserve a better adaptation, from what we see of IT already, it looks like it’s going to be one of the best King movies around. Pity Muschietti didn’t want to do The Dark Tower (bit bitchy – Ed).

It’s interesting to note that Masuchietti also holds the right to King’s sci-fi horror short The Jaunt, which is a horrifying blend of sci-fi and psychological terror. However, as a fan of the tale – it terrified me when i first read it – I can’t see how it could be drawn out into a full movie. But, hey, you never know.


IT stars Bill Skarsgard, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Jaden Lieberher, is directed by Andrés Muschietti and arrives to haunt your dreams on Sept 8th, 2017.

Source: Toronto Sun

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