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Jaime Alexander talks Wonder Woman!

April 27th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr 1 Comment

Wonder Woman, part of DC Comics’ trinity with Batman and Superman, is perhaps the hardest of the trio to cast. I can see Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, and Gina Carano in the role, Biel’s not interested but the other two are. Now someone else wishes to toss her sword in the ring, none other than Lady Sif herself, Jaime Alexander. She confirmed as much in an interview with Ign, where they ask her if the role appeals to her:

“You know, I’m very aware of that, and yeah, it is extremely flattering, because I really did love that character growing up. I think that if there was the right script and the right timing, like I’ve said before in interviews, it’d be nice to see Wonder Woman done sort of like The Bourne Identity or something a little bit more masculine and a bit more tough, because really all we’ve seen thus far is her running around in hot pants and big, huge boobs and not really doing much. And I’m talking about film and television, I’m not talking about the comic books, because actually in the comic books — especially Allan Heinberg’s version — she’s pretty badass! She works for the CIA, she’s incredible. But, you know, if something was done a little bit more classy and it had a lot more strength to it, I would consider it. There’s nothing I wouldn’t consider. Of course, I am Lady Sif in a Marvel franchise, and that may not work out, for me to play Wonder Woman, but I am absolutely flattered that people want me to play her because I’ve always loved her since I was a kid.”

While this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned Wonder Woman, the fans that want her to take on the role are really started to grow. It’s not like Ryan Reynolds has played in both Marvel and DC cinematic universes before.

What do you think of Jaime Alexander as Wonder Woman?



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