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Jake Gyllenhall in talks to play Mysterio in Spider-man: Homecoming 2?

May 21st, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Many many years ago before Sam Raimi cast Toby Maguire as Peter Parker/Spidey, Jake Gyllenhall was the other name in the running to play your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man, Raimi eventually gave the part to Maguire but we all wondered what could have been if Gyllenhall had been given the part.

Now it seems that Gyllenhall is in talks to join the spiderverse as the big bad in the upcoming sequel to Spider-man: Homecoming as one of the best villians in Spidey’s extensive rogues gallery: Mysterio.

Plot details are still unknown at this time, but sources say Marvel and Sony, who will co-produce the film again, were looking to cast a new male and female lead, with the desire for the male lead to be played by an A-list actor.

Actresses for the female role, which is expected to be someone in her 20s, are currently being auditioned by execs.

While Marvel are keeping the fate of many of our favourite superheroes under wraps after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, we can pretty much be assured that Spider-man will return for at least one more standalone movie either in later 2019 or early 2020.

We’re also hearing that Ryan Gosling is being talked to too: “Producers were keen to sign Ryan but he was busy filming another project,” a source told The Sun Newspaper, “Jake is a suitable alternative with experience of playing villainous characters.”
While I wouldn’t believe anything that is printed in The Sun if you paid me to, this news, if it is true, is cause for excitement as seeing an actor of Gyllenhaal’s calibre take on a role like Mysterio AKA Quentin Beck could be a visually and technically astounding character and a welcome addition to the MCU, especially as we haven’t seen Mysterio portrayed on the big screen before.

On top of all this, it seems it has also been confirmed that Michael Keaton, who totally owned the first movie, will be back as The Vulture/Adrian Toomes.

So it’s all looking good for Spidey. Are you excited? We are…

Source: Variety

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