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James Cameron changed the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past

January 21st, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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James Cameron, despite having only directed Avatar since 1997, remains one of the most influential filmmakers in Hollywood.

Now, X-Men director Bryan Singer has been speaking about how the Titanic and Terminator director influenced the ending of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

As it turns out, Cameron has quite a pivotal role in changing the ending of Days of Future Past, which was originally supposed to have a much different tone.

“Originally my editor was obsessed with this visual blurriness,” Singer revealed to ComingSoon (via Squareeyed): “So when Wolverine is walking around he’s seeing things in kind of a blurriness. So I sent that to Jim and Jim called me up and goes ‘Bryan, that blurry thing made me think that the wool was going to be pulled out from under me and I was not satisfied. I thought it was going to be a lie and it had failed and it would all be dark, and then suddenly it was okay.’ It was the only note Jim gave me. He said ‘Oh I love the movie, it’s going to be great,’ but he said ‘Let the audience enjoy the fact that it all turned out okay… in that future.’” So I pulled the effect off and my editor was like ‘Oh I like it, it’s so cool and weird!’ and I’m like ‘Shut up, it’s coming off!’”

Also, Singer revealed the version he sent to Cameron didn’t include the cameos of the original cast members that we saw in the final threatrical version.

“I explained that to Jim and I said ‘By the way, it didnt have these three cameos’ and he goes “OH Why didn’t you tell me that? That makes a big difference dude in letting me enjoy the ending of the g***amn f***ing movie!’ and I’m like ‘Sorry, I’m keeping that so secret I didn’t even want to let that go to New Zealand.’”

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