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Jeff Bridges Wanted To Stay In Iron Man Franchise

February 4th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


jeff bridges

Jeff Bridges has done a lot of memorable characters, one that may get overlooked though was his villainous role as Obediah Stane in Iron Man. It was that movie that truly kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Jeff Bridges was apparently going to be alive at the end of the film originally…

“The Iron Monger falls into this big pit of whatever it is, some kind of acid or something, in his costume. They pull it up in the big crane and they open up his costume and he’s gone. And when we were shooting that film they said, “No we’re not going to do that. We’re just going to have you go.” And I said, “Oh shit, I was kind of disappointed.” Because I was thinking [I would] be in the sequels. But they said it’s a comic book maybe the Iron Monger will come back. I said “Yeah, right.””

Poor guy, maybe he saw the potential that Stane could’ve brought to the future of the MCU. Guess we’ll never know.

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