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Jeffrey Dean Morgan still wants to be the DCCU’s Flashpoint version of Batman…

October 27th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


After appearing as Negan in the Walking Dead season 6 and 7, along with appearing as Jason Crouse in The Good Wife, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has certainly made himself known this past year. He even managed to bag a small role as Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne, in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

His minor role as Thomas Wayne seems to have sparked some hope that he may eventually play an alternate form of Batman, specifically the version seen in Flashpoint. Flashpoint Batman focuses on the alternate reality where it was Bruce Wayne that died in the alley, leading Thomas Wayne down a brutal and deadly path in becoming Batman.

Morgan has once again said he’d be to return as Thomas Wayne, particularly if this storyline was involved: “Hopefully DC can figure this all out, and in a few years I can come back and do a Flashpoint Batman! I would love it. That would be great.”

While there hasn’t been anything official about Flashpoint becoming a reality, Morgan did explain that it was DC’s Cinematic Universe front runner Zach Snyder who initially gave him the idea.

“I remember when we were in Australia doing Watchmen press, and I was having dinner with Zack or whatever,” he said, “And he was like, ‘My dream is to do the Frank Miller Batman.’ And he goes, ‘You would be an awesome Batman.’ The darker version.”

The current Caped Crusader, played by Ben Affleck, will next appear in the Justice League movie, out November next year. There is also a solo Batman film, simply titled The Batman, that will likely be released in 2018.

You can see Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan in the Walking Dead season 7, out every Sunday on AMC.

Source: Darkhorizons

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