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JJ Abrams says the script for Star Wars Episode IX is ready to rock

February 26th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


JJ Abrams is returning to Star Wars to wrap up the new trilogy and he’s bringing along a few of his bestets chums to help him out

Abrams recently confirmed that the movie will begin shooting in the summer of 2018 and during an interview with Stephen Colbert he also confirmed that the movie already has a script ready to go.

When Colbert pressed him to reveal any details — any at all — about how the next movie in the franchise begins, all Abrams would say is that they have the tools required to make it happen.

“We have a script, which is a big deal for me. It starts shooting end of July. Sometimes having the script in advance is something I haven’t always been lucky enough to have. But I’m writing this with Chris Terrio, who’s a genius, and I’m having a great time.”

So, it sounds like he and Terrio (of Argo, Batman v Superman and Justice League fame) are still currently working on the script, but hopefully they’ll be done with it by the time the movie starts production.

As a massive Star Wars fan, they already have my money for this movie (twice) in the cinema, the Blu-ray and the novelisation and the script has never been the thing that sells Star wars to the fans (ask Harrison Fords opinion on Star Wars scripts) as much as the overall story has, but there is a small part of me that sees the co-writers credits of  BvS and Justice League that wants to grab a pillow and scream into it in fear.

Star Wars: Epixode IX will hit theatres December 20, 2019


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