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John C. Reilly Will Return in Wreck-It Ralph 2

July 18th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



In a rare case of “How does this not have a sequel yet?!?!?”, there appears to be some movement on Wreck-It Ralph 2. With John C. Reilly confirmed to return to voice the titular Wreck-It Ralph. This confirmation came via producer Penny Hart, who tweeted out:

“John C Reilly announced at the interview today that he has signed on for Wreck it Ralph 2!”

Wreck-It Ralph was a hit when it released, and went on to make over $470 million at the worldwide box office. And yet, (not unlike Frozen), a sequel wasn’t announced right away. There has been talks of who might join in the sequel, but nothing definitive. Now, with this casting, hopefully things will start to pick up again!

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