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Joss Whedon Wants to Direct “Female Batman” Movie?

February 1st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Joss Whedon SDCC 2013

Ok, Joss Whedon has some mad geek cred, not the least of which comes from a little movie called Avengers, and most likely it’s somewhat hyped sequel, Age of Ultron (note: that was sarcasm).

Anyway, Whedon gave an interview recently and noted that if he had not made Age of Ultron, that he would want to do a Batman film, but not just any Batman film…

“I will say that when I was thinking about, Well, if I wasn’t going to do Avengers 2, what would I want to do? — of course the first thing I thought of was “turn-of-the-century female Batman.” Not Batman actually. But, you know, something cool. One person. Can’t stress that enough. Movie about one person — not a team, not 10, just one. But [I would] do a nice sort of hard action movie that combined all my favorite things. Something that would be the love child of Sam Fuller and Edward Gorey. You know, I’ve had many thoughts since then. Oh, I could do this! Oh, I could do that! But it is my instinct to want to tell those stories.”

Interesting, very interesting. I’m personally curious what he defines as a “turn of the century female Batman”. Does he mean a female version of Bruce Wayne? Like what was done in an Elseworld comic a while back? Does he mean Batwoman or Batgirl? Or something else entirely? Mysteries abound…


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