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UPDATE!: Behind-the-Scenes Video Added! Justice League Animated Film Gods and Monsters Gets Key Details UPDATED AGAIN: Full trailer added

April 5th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



There’s been a lot of intrigue about the upcoming DC animated film Justice League Gods and Monsters, not the least of which is because it’s being helmed by Bruce Timm. Also though, the film will tie into the Machinima series of the same name.

Today, we got some new details that put an interesting spin of things. Primarily that this is not our Justice League, but rather the league of another Earth, or in DC terms, an Elseworld.

So, how different will that make them? Well, Superman is actually the son of General Zod, and thus not a “boy scout” like he’s depicted in our Earth. Wonder Woman isn’t of Olympus, but rather the New Gods of New Genesis, and is currently in a relationship with Orion. Finally, Batman isn’t a Wayne, he’s actually Kirk Langstrom, who you’ll know as Man-Bat. (continues after pic)


We’ve also gotten a brief synopsis of the film:

“The movie centers around the murder of prominent DC Universe scientists like Ray Palmer, Victor Fries, Silas Stone and others that the Justice League is being framed for. They attempt to investigate these murders while dealing with mounting pressures from outside sources.”

The movie is expected to be released this year.

UPDATE!!!!: Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Gods and Monsters!


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