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Justice League: The Snyder cut… is it real? Here’s what you need to know

October 9th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

If there is one topic that seems to get everyone talking in the world of comic book movies, it’s the Snyder Cut of Justice League and, while we’re hoping to see it, it’s an oddly divisive thing.

I mean, personally, I don’t see what anyone would NOT want it released… may people want to see it, so why not allow them the chance? If you don’t want to see it, don’t.

But over the weekend we had a massive reveal from original director – before Joss Whedon – Zack Snyder.

Martian Manhunter… was in the movie.

Not only that, but he was in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as General Swanwick, played by Harry J Lennix:

Personally, I always subscribed to the idea that Swanwick might be J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, and now it shows that I, and many who also thought as much, have been vindicated.

Snyder shared the following storyboard on Vero at the weekend, with the words “This is something you probably didn’t know” attached:

In the story board Swanwick is speaking to Lois Lane (Amy Adams) before revealing himself to be the Manhunter.

Also, remember the ‘Unite The Seven’ tagline for Justice League that was never defined after Whedon’s cut was released? Well, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter make seven. Could that have been the whole point of that?

This is massive news… and just makes us here at FTN towers want this movie even more.

So what else do we know about the Snyder Cut?

So everyone knows the 2017 movie the Justice League, going back and watching it a few times, it’s a lot better than what I originally gave it credit for (same with the first Suicide Squad), but what if it was even better?

Zack Snyder was the original director and did a lot of work for the movie, unfortunately due to family reasons he was officially forced to leave the project and pass it onto Joss Whedon – although many believe he was pushed out by Warner Bros – during this so much of it was cut away that we ended up with something completely different, in some cases scenes were completely re-shot, and in time was turned into a shell of its former self.

Well, according to a lot of various sources, the Snyder cut exists, including Snyder himself who stated he HAS a finished cut of the movie:

And it has even been seen by a few various people, including Jason Momoa, who has called it ‘siiiiicccck’:

On top of this, Nerd guru Kevin Smith also believes the Snyder Cut exists, saying: “I’ve not seen it firsthand. And also to be clear, I know Zack, but it’s not like, ‘We’re f*cking tight, son!’ … That being said, I’ve spoken now to enough people at various levels in that production. There IS a Snyder cut. For sure. That’s not a mythical beast. It exists.”

He goes on: “I think the audience now, particularly the audience that would consume the Snyder Cut and discuss it at great length, can watch a workprint. They can watch a work-in-progress and fill in the blanks in their heads. They could shoot a version of that flick where, you know, they put Snyder into it explaining what would have gone here, what went there.”

So what’s going on, why hasn’t this cut ever been released and what exactly is it we’re missing?

So let’s start off with one of the most critical components: Superman.

Now as we all know, back in Batman Vs Superman, Superman died. It was all very sad, but at the same time necessary to show how much trouble the world would be in without the man of steel.

Just for the fact that this was also done by Snyder should have been a clue that something big was in the winds, until it wasn’t.

Ninety per cent of the re-shoots were all to do with Superman and his return from the grave, you can see this when you look closely at Superman’s upper lip in the majority of the movie, you can still see that they couldn’t edit away all the facial hair that Henry had grown for his next role in Mission Impossible:.


So what did they originally film?

Well as it turns out, things were about to get real dark.

The original script was meant to show Darkseid killing Lois Lane in the Batcave and, because of this, Superman was to join with Apokolips after falling for Darkseid’s Anti-Life equation, this equation basically proves that love and free will are none existent and in doing so it just breaks Superman, this would then open up to the Knightmare sequence that we saw in Batman Vs Superman where almost all the heroes had been killed, and the Earth has been taken over by Darkseids army.

When later asked about the scene, Snyder had this to say: “If someone lost someone close to them they might be susceptible to a certain Equation and might blame a certain Bat for events that a too soon Bruce would know nothing about.”

The “equation” is the Anti-Life Equation, a mathematical formula that results in total control of the minds of sentient beings. Darkseid – the villain alluded to in the Knightmare sequence who has a fondness for the Omega symbol – believes the equation lies in the subconscious of humanity… and would use it to take control of Superman himself to take over the world, much like the Injustice story from the comics.

Unfortunately all references of the Knightmare were scrubbed from the Whedon cut as it was just entirely too dark. This being said, there is a rather strong chance that we may still see the Knightmare with DC’s New Gods currently in the works, this will have Darkseid and should tie into the Justice League movies, so even without Snyder there’s a chance that his dream for the League can still be fulfilled.

When the film made its home media debut, it also came with two deleted scenes from the Snyder cut, the first of these scenes we see the man of steel himself suited up and standing in the doorway of a Kryptonian scout ship, this works in conjunction with what we saw in Man of Steel.

The second one features everyone’s favorite butler, Alfred Pennyworth. In this we get to see him in the Batcave conversing with Superman, in which he says: “He said you’d come. Now, let’s hope you’re not too late.”

You can watch them both here:

Now some of you may remember that this line – which refers to Bruce Wayne/Batman waiting on Superman’s return – was also featured in the 2017 SDCC trailer which would go to confirm that Superman was the last unknown character to be joining the League.

With all this information it’s easy to speculate that Snyder’s cut was meant to tie in more heavily with the solo Superman movie, where in the Whedon cut, the only way you can tell it’s a continuation is the fact they have to bring Superman back to life.

Storyboard artist Jay Oliva has worked on almost every DC storyboard in recent memory, including a lot of the animated works, and he’s been one of the primary people to confirm that the Snyder cut exists, and has even talked a little about the changes in the final battle between the League and Steppenwolf.

For the original storyboard, Oliva states that with Superman returned from the grave, he’s a different person and seems altogether “unhinged”. With less of a grip on his morals and doing what’s right, he takes on Steppenwolf and the Parademon army. Now even though, towards the end of the released version we did get to see a bit of Superman going toe to toe with Steppenwolf, according to sources it was meant to be a much bloodier and extensive scene that what we got with Wonder Woman finally cutting off Steppenwolf’s head before Darkseid himself showed up:

In fact, as part of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign, actor Ray Porter, who was set to play Darkseid, even revealed how he would have sounded:

So far with everything we know about the re-shoots and what was meant to go down, it paints a very different picture of what we were meant to get with the worlds favorite Kryptonian.

Snyder has recently revealed the scene cut from the movie where Diana discovers the origins and return of Darkseid…

Which goes with the images we have seen revealed in the past of Wonder Woman discovering Darkseid:

Now that we’ve gotten through everything that’s been changed, lets take a look at the parts that did happen.

Fabian Wagner was the cinematographer for both cuts of the movie and he too has come out in support of the Snyder Cut and, if anyone knows it exists, it’s this guy: “As a fan, and the guy who worked with Zack on Justice League, and who shot it, yeah. I mean, f#@k, I would love to see Zack’s film!”

So would we, Fabian. So would we…

So, that’s a lot of the details about the cut of Justice League that we all deserve. In my – and my others’ – eyes, Man of Steel and the extended edition of Batman V Superman as masterful movies and, we know that the plan was for it originally to be five movies to complete the arc with all other DC movies spinning out from it, I think we all at least deserve a blu-ray edition of the movie.

The last thing we heard was that Snyder has assembled a fresh cut of the movie which he’s re-edited, touched up and is now trying to get into a releasable state – this means that yes, some money will need to be spent but I can’t help feeling that with Shazam! and Joker bother earning Warners plaudits, they may be more inclined to let the directors have their say.

But for now, we know that with Ben Affleck being recast as Batman and talk being that JJ Abrams wants to make a Superman movie with a new actor too, and Wonder Woman 1984 ret-coning the idea that she vanished after the first world war (a notion both star Gal Gaadot and Snyder have admitted was a bad idea sit limited storytelling possibilities), it looks that while everything post Justice League is Canon, the world Snyder created isn’t.

And that, to me, is a real shame.

Here’s Deadpool creator showing love to the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign…


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