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Justin Bieber to cameo in Zoolander 2?

April 29th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments


Ben Stiller has posted a picture of himself in full Zoolander mode that might just reveal a cameo appearance of… Justin Bieber.

Canada’s worst export since Celine Dion is pictured on Stiller’s Instagram account, with the two of them facing up in a Blue Steel-off. Stiller posted this alongside the picture on 29 April:

Bieber made a point of explaining that the spikey hair was a wig, for some reason.

The film is currently shooting under Stiller’s direction, with Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell returning from the original. The movie is curently slated forr a February 2016 release, with no word on appearances from other annoying popsters yet. Vanilla Ice probably isn’t doing much these days…

Source: Yahoo

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