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Kevin Smith says Ben Affleck is “the best Batman we’ve seen on screen”

January 26th, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments

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Kevin Smith​ has afforded Ben Affleck’s upcoming performance as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice some lofty praise.

The Clerks director said that from what he’s seen of the film so far, the actor’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader is the “best” we have seen, which is a pretty strong statement.

“He’s the best-looking Batman we’ve ever seen. He’s moving the way he moves in the (Dark Knight Returns) comic – he’s punching out two people in the span of six seconds,” Smith told Variety (via Squareeyed), “So [director] Zack Synder is kinda nailing that version.

“But the hardest thing to nail about Batman is Bruce Wayne, because that’s where you’ve got no mask, that’s where you’ve got to be a human being and not just somebody who’s punching people.

“But that dude is Bruce Wayne, so he’s born to play that role. Everything I’ve seen so far is phenomenal. I think he’ll be our best Batman.”

Smith, who recently debuted an extended featurette for the movie when he was hosting Dawn of the Justice League special for The CW, recalled Affleck asking advice about being offered the role of Daredevil for the 2003 film, saying that he would prefer to play Batman.

“I was like, ‘Dude, they’re never making another Batman movie! Tim Burton defined that shit! Joel Schumacher broke it and it’s never gonna happen again.”

Daredevil was largely considered a flop and happened around a time when the actor appeared in a string of critically-panned films, including Pearl Harbor, Gigli and Paycheck.

However, he has admirably completed a stunning renaissance in recent years, with the star going on to win a Best Picture Oscar for directing Argo, while he was also praised for his leading role in David Fincher’s Gone Girl.

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Matt Gault is a sports writer and film fanatic. He is a fully-qualified journalist and has worked for BBCNI, Sunday Life and has been published on The Guardian's website. He interns at REDNI, sub-editing for the Belfast Telegraph. He studied at Queen's University pretending to like history and literature and then University of Ulster Coleraine, where he slacked off enormously for a year and somehow got away with it. He also enjoys Captain Morgans, The Sopranos, Led Zeppelin and Hunter S. Thompson which makes him a remarkably uninteresting person.