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Leaked email shows just how clueless Sony really were when it came to Spider-man

April 27th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments


Turn your minds back to the hack on Sony last year. Many important documents were leaked to the public, showing what has been going on behind the scenes. To put it bluntly, it was a mess. Sony was struggling to handle a number of their properties from big to small budget properties.

However, of all the secrets that were exposed, the one that painted them the worst was Spider-Man. From the emails leaked, it was abundantly clear that Sony has no clear direction for the franchise.

A few months ago, Sony announced a partnership with Marvel Studios and plans to produce a new direction for the wall crawler. Many people are rightfully excited about the introduction of Spidey into the Cinematic Universe. However, today many fans have had to revaluate how happy they should be at that announcement… As it turns out, they weren’t grateful enough.

A Twitter user (@DukeLovesYou) recently discovered a new email that was part of the leak. In this email, Amy Pascal held a conversation with a “brilliant millennial research expert” to improve Spider-Man’s image.

Within this conversation, this expert discussed such ideas as Spider-Man partaking in “Tough Mudders” as well as “Hot Power Yoga” and “Veganism. This is all because they are, “A rising trend we see with Millennials””.

While this all may seem bad, it pails in comparison to the stupidity of the next suggestion. According to Sony’s expert, “Millennials will often post ‘N.B.D.’ on their social media after doing it, as in No Big Deal, also known as the ‘humble brag’… wondering if Spidey could get into that in some way….he’s super athletic, bendy, strong, intense….and it’s all NBD to him, of course.”

I don’t even need a witty retort to illustrate how stupid this all is. The whole thing speaks perfectly for itself. The fact that this man was taken seriously by Sony is utterly astounding. I have heard some fans unhappy with the ending of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. While I sympathise to an extent, I must ask the question, ‘Do you really want this franchise run by people who let this man rise through their ranks?’

Source: Yahoo!

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