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Lex Luthor (yes, Lex Luthor) talks Lexcorp, Batman and Superman

December 19th, 2015 by Phil Robinson Comments


In what has to be our favourite piece of viral marketing this year, Lex Luthor has his own profile in Fortune via Squareeyed, in which he has a great many thing to say about LexCorp’s future and the trouble with superheroes. If you work for the marketing department of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, well played.

In what is essentially a viral ad, we find out that LexCorp is succeeding because Bruce Wayne stopped dealing with the military, as well as the fact that his company is trumping Wayne Enterprises in earnings. Here’s their funky graphic:

lex luthor

Vigilant comic book fans will recognise the other companies, with Kord Industries being owned by hero Blue Beatle, Queen Industries a reference to Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Geschäft Kreig perhaps being a nod to Cyborg.

The article also makes reference to Lex’s mysterious new product he’s planning to announce soon. “There are a lot of threats out there, and they’re here today,” he says, in a veiled remark that’s more than likely aimed at Superman.

Lex Luthor

This is a great hint at what’s to come in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year’s movie, as well as being stuffed with easter eggs for longtime DC Comics fans. References to the likes of Ted Kord or Blue Beetle are pretty darn niche. Add to this additional material like the previously released “announcement” video and we keep getting pushed further and further into the cinematic world being developed.

Well played DC. Well played.

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