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Mad Max: Fury Road stunt co-ordinator set to rock your world in Aquaman movie!

January 8th, 2017 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


After what could be argued as a difficult time for the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) it seems that they are now finally pulling out all the stops to create a justice league they can be proud of.

We’ve seen some fantastic images and trailers for Wonder Woman and the first of the likely many Justice League films. Now more information on the Aquaman film has been released.

It has now been confirmed that Mad Max: Fury Road stunt coordinator Kier Beck is going to be putting his skills into Aquaman.

We can all remember the amazing sequences with the War-boys on the trucks in Mad Max.  Very little of it was CGI and many of the stunts were shot live. If Beck continues this similar trend, we are likely to see some very realistic and spectacular stunts used in the film.

DC have previously used the services of the Mad Max crew before. Guy Norris, who was a supervising stunt co-ordinator in the Mad Max film, has the same role for Suicide Squad. Although this film has caused a divide in the DC fanbase, I think we can all agree than many of the stunts used in this film were worth a watch.

Directed by James Wan (Conjuring and Insidious films), Aquaman stars actor Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, Atlantis) as the lead character Arthur Curry/Aquaman. He is being joined by Amber Heard (Drive Angry, Zombieland), and Patrick Wilson (Insidious chapter 1 and chapter 2) who will play Mera and Ord in the film.

The film is set for release in October of 2018.

Source: SMTV


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