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Margot Robbie talks Joker and Harley’s relationship in Suicide Squad… and it sounds perfect

April 15th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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There’s no shortage of intriguing sub-plots in this summer’s Suicide Squad. The hotly-anticipated DC film will feature the debuts of characters like Deadshot and Rick Flagg in Task Force X, while also showing us the Batman/Joker storyline that will hopefully fill in the Robin-death blank left by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In addition to that, judging by what we’ve glimpsed in the trailers, we’ll get a comprehensive Harley Quinn origin story, showing her as Dr Harleen Quinzel before she got mixed up with that pesky Joker (Jared Leto of course) and became the baseball bat-wielding maniac we know and love.

Having wowed audiences in the trailers, many are wondering whether the character’s relationship with the Joker will be as dark and twisted as it was in the Batman animated show. Well, it seems it will be just like that.

Speaking to LA Times (via Squareeyed) at Cinema Con, Robbie reveals that her iteration of Quinn sticks rather closely to the original story. Harley Quinn uses her skills as a psychiatrist to gain a mental edge over the other members of the squad.

“She’s definitely one of the more unpredictable members of the squad,” Robbie told the paper. “She also used to be a psychiatrist so she has an extensive knowledge of mental illnesses and how to manipulate people.

“I’m sorry, well, she has a lot of knowledge on how to profile people, pick their triggers, and as Harley Quinn she kind of utilises that to just manipulate people and mess with them. And she definitely does that with the squad. She’s always picking someone to be dissecting and playing off and messing with.”

Speaking about the character’s relationship with the Joker, Robbie called it ‘dysfunctional’, adding: “She’s mad about him. Like, literally, mad. She’s crazy. But she loves him. And it’s a really unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship. But an addictive one.”

If she calls him ‘Puddin” we’re totally sold…

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