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Mark Hamill’s reaction to the Yoda puppet in The Last Jedi has us emotional

March 17th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Hello, my name is Ciarán and I am a Star Wars fan.

I liked the Last Jedi (and I don’t care who knows it, because I remember when there was no Star Wars movies for years, nothing was happening in the galaxy far far away and, to be honest, any Star Wars is better than no Star Wars).

I liked how stupid it was, I liked the bad plot, weak acting, Leia’s Mary Poppins moment, I liked how predictable it was, how superfluous Finn’s casino excursion was.  I loved the Kylo/Rey throne room fight, I loved every second that Luke Skywalker was on the screen and I loved the fact that Yoda was a real in the “flesh” puppet again and seeming so did Mark Hamil as the below video of his reunion with Frank Oz and Yoda

And no those aren’t tears in my eyes it’s just raining on my face.

Hopefully we will see a longer version of this reunion in the special features when The Last Jedi is released on Blu-ray.

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