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Mark Millar has a ‘crazy’ idea for a Hit Girl movie… UPDATE: Mr Millar sets us straight via Twitter (squee!)

June 1st, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

movie-news-banner-copyKick-Ass 2 trailer Hit Girl

As many people are aware, comic author Mark Millar has been attempting to get a Hit-Girl film off the ground for some time. There has been a great deal of to-and-fro-ing over the years. At one point, director Garth Edwards (The Raid) was purportedly approached, but this fell through.

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has even come out and said that Kick-Ass 3 and Hit-Girl are not likely to ever see the light of day.

However, word is beginning to spread about a possible spin-off, once again. In a recent interview, Millar stated that: “I love the idea of there being Hit Girl movies, it has to be the right story though… We have a crazy idea for it, and every now and then I think, is this too crazy? Because it’s kind of insane. Would the world accept this? It makes Kick-Ass look like Finding Nemo. Matthew [Vaughn] and I have chatted about it in the pub, and it’s fine in the pub, but when we’re being interviewed two years later, is it going to be terrifying? So I don’t know, it seems a fun thing, though.”

Whether it will happen or not remains to be seen. However, it is worth noting that Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar have been very persistent with getting the movies they want to make into theatres.

Who knows, in a few years, we could all be watching a Hit-Girl movie… or alternatively, we could also hear rumours of a Hit-Girl film surface again.


Mark Millar confirmed to us via Twitter that this isn’t happening – however, we’re giddy that he gave us the feedback!

Source: Comicbook

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