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Marvel Movie round-up: Cap Vs Black Widow! The Winter Soldier liked Batman V Superman! Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill separated at birth! Rocket Raccoon headed to Avengers 3!

May 15th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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While the Russo brothers have gone on the record and said there was very little cut from the theatrical version of their latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, it seems at least one scene almost made the cut that we really want to see.

While the movie sees the Avengers split in two and there’s battles aplenty – seriously, that airport scene! – now screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, speaking to Fandango, have revealed one smackdown that didn’t make it… Captain America Vs Black Widow.


Markus said: “There was a good fight between Captain America and Black Widow that we lost mainly due to time.” 

McFeely added: “[the two characters] clearly have a deep relationship even though they’re clearly on opposite sides, and you never know how many times you need to hit that over the course of the movie. I think it works without this fight, but we certainly didn’t know if it would.”

Man, this could have been epic! But was there a winner?: “I guess Cap did,” says McFeely.

“Let’s just say he got away in the moment, how about that?”

We’re not sure of the fight was filmed but if it was. that’s reason enough to buy the blu-ray of they add deleted scenes!

In related news:

Sebastian Stan AKA Bucky AKA The Winter Soldier, seems to, like many of us here at FTN HQ, have liked Batman V Superman!

Chatting to The Daily Beast Stan said: “I did see Batman v Superman,” he says with a grin, “and I enjoyed it. I think visually it was insane. I thought Ben Affleck was an incredible Batman. I thought that fight sequence he had against all the guys, that was sick. Even Jesse Eisenberg was cracking me up at some points. That’s all I got.”

Classy answer, but he went on and talked about the DC Cinematic universe in general: “I also think that DC is at a point right now where, it’s been my impression, they want to get to Justice League. They want to go ahead and kind of get everybody fighting together. And I think the best way to jumpstart that was to get what I think most people wanted to see for a long time: Batman vs. Superman, two of the biggest superheroes in history.”

But before any of you reach for pitchforks, he added: “I’m a Marvel guy, man.”

Speaking of Sebastian Stan, have you seen this image?


Well, this is what happens if you give Stan the Hamill hair-do…


So we reckon if Disney want a Luke Skywalker: The early years movie, they already have an actor on call who fits the bill!


The Verge chatted to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and they teased a little about Avengers: Infinity War and one character mention by Markus in particular raised our eyebrow: “Also, whether they’re a 12-foot purple guy, or a raccoon, or an android, they’re all people, and we’re going to write them as people. You can’t write them any other way. So, ideally it will stay grounded because you’ll completely understand why the characters are doing what they’re doing, and you will in some way or another empathise.”

So that’s confirmation of Rocket Raccoon, then… well we knew the Guardians of the Galaxy were set to crash to earth anyway. But confirmation is always a good think.

More? Ok, then….

While many like Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War, many others were annoyed that he never appeared as his purple-masked comic alter-ego but now the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook Page has shared a piece of concept art that revealed he very nearly did – so we’d not rule out the possibility that we’ll see him in that particular guise in a future installment. Meanwhile, feast your eyes. And hang around, there’s one more story coming…


Finally, we reported  while back (here) that Natalie Portman wouldn’t be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok and now it’s confirmed by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

Speaking to Empire Film, Feige was asked if the rumours were true and he said:  “I can confirm that, yes.”

However, he added that there are many reasons why she’s not in it, none of which are nefarious: “Many of which are in the film so you will see that,” he says. “There are only a couple of scenes on Earth in this movie. 80 to 90 percent takes place in the cosmos.“Tonally and geographically there are a lot of different planets outside of the nine realms that we visit in Thor: Ragnarok.”

So, will you miss Portman? Let us know your thoughts on all of these stories, guys.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release November 3, 2017.


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