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Mary Elizabeth Winstead would love to do a 10 Cloverfield Lane sequel

February 28th, 2017 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

It’s not that often that a film can just appear from nowhere without anyone having any idea about it. However back in January 2016 this happened when the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane was released. The film was kept secret, not only from audiences but from nearly every news outlet.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who appeared in this secret sequel, has stated she wants to come back to the franchise: “The anthology series is where they are going with it, so whether or not that ever comes back to Michelle’s story, I’m not sure. But I know [Director Dan Trachtenberg] always had more in mind, so I would love the opportunity to explore that. If anybody would every let us do that, we would jump on it.”

The sequel film was actually a great success. It achieved high reviews from critics and praise from audiences alike. Compared to its predecessor, the films have very little in common with each other and it’s reckoned the Cloverfield franchise will be a sort of big screen Twilight Zone series.

The third film in the franchise is going to be released later this year and, hopefully will have more in common with the second film than the first. Whether we will see returning characters though is not likely given the nature of the films. It would be nice to see Winstead back though, even in a minor role.

Cloverfield 3 is scheduled for release on November of this year.

Source: Screencrush

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