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Max Von Sydow Episode VII Role Revealed?

October 2nd, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Much of the details involving the cast and their roles in Star Wars Episode VII has been kept under wraps. For understandable reasons of course. Yet some news obtained via the Star Wars Underworld suggests that one of the characters, played by Max Von Sydow, has been revealed.

For the record, this is still a rumor. It has not been confirmed by anyone in the project.

“Max von Sydow character is Star Wars: Episode VII is not an ancient Sith Lord or a supernatural being with an awesome voice. He’s a beaten man. He’s old enough to have lived through the Clone Wars, seen the Intergalactic Civil War unfold and then the aftermath of the fall of Emperor Palptaine. He’s no longer a man, he’s a cyborg. His eye is obscured by a ocular viewing device, most likely from a past injury which mean the could no longer use the eye with any ease. One leg is entirely cybernetic now, almost like a Super Battledroid but with metallic claws where his toes would be. He sits at a bar drinking, wary, and old. If you have an oddity, a rare weapon, you might want to bring it to him for evaluation.”

Also, remember when Abrams sent out a picture featuring a robotic arm hold a thank you card? Apparently, that arm belongs to Von Sydow’s character in the movie!

Again, none of this is confirmed, but it certainly is intriguing. What do you think of all this? And when you do you think we’ll get confirmed details about the cast? Let us know below!

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