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Michael Keaton talks about putting on the Batman suit for the first time in 30 years in The Flash movie

August 14th, 2021 by Marc Comments

There have been worries lately that Michael Keaton, returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman in next year’s The Flash movie, might not actually suit up as the Dark Knight but may only play Wayne… but the star himself, in a new interview (below) confirms that he will be wearing the full costume and I feel like I have died and gone to nerdy heaven.

You may have noticed that Keaton’s return has been up there with the most exciting news we’ve ever heard here at FTN HQ (just look at this coverage lol) but for many fans of a certain age, it was Keaton’s Batman that played a pivotal role in creating the people we are today… that’s no exaggeration, it’s Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 that got me interested in film, set design, movie scoring, comics… it literally changed my life, so having him back is exciting beyond the telling of it.

Anyway, the star has ben talking about his return and giving some exciting details about Andy Muschietti’s movie that has us wondering if there’s a way we can sleep until next November.

Talking about putting on the Batsuit, Keaton remarked: “Memories came flashing back – no pun intended – came flooding back… They did, just as I start thinking about what a risk Tim [Burton] took and everybody else involved, really.”

Speaking about Burton, the star said that, while he hasn’t spoken with him about returning here as Batman/Bruce Wayne but that he has things he needs to talk to him about… making us wonder if perhaps there’s some truth to the rumours that Warners want Burton and Keaton to return for a Batman Beyond movie or series (here and here) we have also speculated here at the office that WB wouldn’t rebuild the whole Batcave and Batmobile from Batman 1989 (here) if they hadn’t big plans moving forward.

Continuing, Keaton says of wearing the costume: “[It was] weirdly and ironically easy.

“A little bit emotional. Just a rush of memories. Without giving anything away, which I can’t, basically the first shot, not of the entire movie but let’s say the introduction [of Batman], is so good that when we walked on and started talking about a couple of shots and the angles, I went ‘whoa, this is big. This is great.’ I don’t even mean for me. Just the imagery, it’s great. And reminiscent, to some degree, of Tim Burton.”

Interestingly too, Keaton seems to confirm what the images (here) seemed to be hinting, that Ezra Miller will be playing a good and a bad version of Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, in the movie. Speaking about his career, Keaton talks about Multiplicity, where he plays several versions of himself, saying: “I mean just did The Flash and there’s a similarity in how – I don’t want to give too much away – but how he has to play against himself and with himself… And we were talking about the difficulty of making multiplicity and the challenge.”

I would have little doubt that an evil version of Miller’s Barry Allen will turn out to be his nemesis Eobard Thawne AKA Reverse Flash… but will Miller play both characters? Doubtful, it’s likely a trick to get his trust.

Anyway, we’re excited as hell to see Keaton and Affleck’s Batmen together in the same movie… that will be a true nerdy moment that may never be topped.

What do you all think? Are you as excited as we are about Keaton’s return? Let us know…

The Flash will be released on November 4th, 2022. 

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