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Michael Myers Will Return In Halloween: The Next Chapter

August 20th, 2014 by Andrew McCarroll Comments

Another day another horror remake/reboot/sequel/prequel/TV show/slash/reimagining. Michael Myers is returning (very slowly no doubt) to cinemas in 2015. The new movie will be a sequel to the god awful Rob Zombie Movies but will not have any involvement from Zombie.

Scout Taylor-Compton AKA Laurie Strode in Zombie’s Halloween reboot and its sequel Halloween 2; had said in April she was returning to what was then called Halloween 3D. Now that idea seems to of evolved and Halloween: The Next Chapter will follow on from Zombies previous movies but may include an all new cast. So basically it will be a reboot of a reboot under the guise of a sequel. I think they missed a trick and should have just called the film Halloween: Inception.

Regardless I am still going to end up watching it and help the studios squeeze every last penny out of remaking more movies featuring horror icons.

Halloween is scheduled for a Fall 2015 release.

Source: schmoesknow

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