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MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews We’re The Millers

August 21st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

We’re the Millers (15)
Directed by:
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts
Running time:
110 mins

A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the US from Mexico.

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a small time drug dealer who is incredibly self-centred. When intervening in a small brawl, he is robbed of all of his drugs and money. Sadly, both of these didn’t belong to him and he is requested by his supplier to “Drug Mule to Mexico”.

Realising that he would stand a greater chance of success if he was travelling with a family, he puts together a motley crew of a family of sorts. This will include Rose (Aniston) the lap dancer, Kenny (Will Poulter) the hopeless dork and Casey (Roberts) the hobo. With his accomplices in tow, David must use all of his wit, charm and sanity to keep everyone together long enough to get their haul back, whilst staying one step ahead of the law all the way.

We’re the Millers is a laugh out (and at times gross out) loud comedy that, whilst being a simple road movie, is thankfully a little more than what the label says. The script is funny and gross, yet there are touching moments. The cast of The Miller Family play the stereotypes very well, each character hitting their respective highs and lows well within the film’s running time.

Whilst this is an ensemble comedy, the best comedic lines seem to go to Daddy David and Daughter Casey, whilst Mommy Rose is there simply as eye-candy in a number of scenes. That said, it is certainly more than an eye-opener when Mommy does ‘her thing’.

The plot moves along at a suitable pace and there is rarely a lull moment in what could so easily have been just another Road Movie Comedy, with a number of recurring characters fleshing out the secondary cast and indeed the plot. The direction is fast paced, and blends in the comedy well with the more tender points of the story.

For a film that has only one well known cast member, this could quite easily slip under the radar when up against the other remaining summer blockbusters. That said, this is perhaps the funniest thing you will see this summer, a great laugh out loud hit.

4 out of 5

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