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WATCH: New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Lands

October 24th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

Cap’s back… 

The tone of this movie seems completely different from its predecessor, The First Avenger, and even from The Avengers itself.  It feels like a present day political thriller, shot in crystal clear HD, the sepia tones of the first film switched out for a colder blue hue.  Even Scarlett Johnson’s Black Widow seems to have her serious serious face on, and – has her hair deflated slightly each time she’s appeared in a Marvel movie? Other highlights include Cap jumping out of a Quinjet – sans parachute, A fleet of Helicarriers rising into the sky, Robert Redfords Agent Alexander Pierce looking shifty and some neat battle scenes between the stars and stripes adorned hero and The Winter Soldier himself – who epicly catches Caps shield with his robo-arm.

Then of course we see what happens when Tony Stark isnt around to fix a turbine on a Helicarrier like in last years The Avengers.  Basically – stuff go boom.

The Winter Soldier crashes into cinemas on March 26th in the UK and April 4th in the US.


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