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New Details and Photo For Terminator Genisys Arrive

October 30th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

First came the Entertainment Weekly cover showing off the fifth movie in the Terminator franchise, now comes new details about the movie, and the first picture of Arnold!

Terminator fans will appreciate that the movie is going to recreate the original arrival of the Terminator in Genisys. Says producer David Ellison:  “It’s the holy grail of visual effects. You create a walking, breathing human that doesn’t exist.”

Also comes news about the villain, which (somewhat like Terminator Salvation) will be a half-human half-robot hybrid. Ellison reveals they’re trying very hard to blow people’s minds with this villain.

“Part of the challenge is to ­dazzle people with something they haven’t seen before. There are elements in our main villain that are straining the capacities of our brilliant visual-effects people. So that’s a good sign.”

Also, for those wondering how different things would be with Arnold cause he’s older, they’ve apparently worked that into the story. As he…you ready for this? He apparently raised Sarah Conner in this movie. Oh yeah, it’s definitely not what you were expecting right?

Terminator: Genisys arrives in theaters on July 1st.

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