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No, a Joker sequel isn’t happening right now… but that doesn’t mean it won’t

December 3rd, 2019 by Marc Comments

It all started just over a week ago when a report was published by one of the big Hollywood trades that a Joker sequel was in the works already at DC/Warners.

The report added that not only was it happening but writer/director Todd Phillips was given (limited) access to the DC portfolio of bad guys and was intent on expanding a second DC universe within the reality of the Joker world.

That Phillips and Warner Bros film chief Toby Emmerich had discussed creating a DC Black Label movie-universe. And R-rated world that would exist alongside the main DCEU.

What would this mean? Well, it would mean we could see a Two-Face movie or a Lex Luthor movie in that world. Which, I’ll not lie, is a very tempting prospect and one that would likely be welcomed given how damned good Joker was.

However, it’s just not true.

“We don’t have a deal with Joaquin, they don’t have a deal with me & the writer. I don’t know where that came from. It’s a hard thing to refute when you don’t have a Twitter account,” Phillips said.

That said, Phillips has said that yes, talks have happened about what would be next but so far it’s come to nothing: “A movie does that kind of business and became that beloved around the world – they had talked to us about it.

“Joaquin and I had spoken about it anyway as far back as when we were shooting the movie. But in all honesty we haven’t gone any further on it. Even Warner Bros. hasn’t. I think they’re just giving us time, and if we can figure it out, and if Joaquin’s down to do it, we would do it. But we haven’t gotten near that yet.”

However, Phillips is well aware of the fans’ fears that a second movie could do more damage than good to the legacy of the first movie: “I think some people really think we shouldn’t, and I understand that as well. You know, you were saying that people’s reaction to it is all positive. Some of it is, ‘no, don’t ruin it with a sequel’ and I understand that too. It’s interesting.”

And as for the rumours that he was looking at developing similar movies around other characters in the DC universe?: “I think there are [DC character studies I’d like to see] personally, but there’s nothing that I’ve been drawn to, no.”

That said, he did say that Joker did start off as a trilogy with other director attached: “I pitched it as three movies, Joker being the first with me, and then these two other movies, with two other directors. But I don’t really want to name them, because then it’ll become a thing and I’m pulling these directors into it when I’ve never even told them about it. It was just me telling Warner Bros. about it.”

But, with all this said, it’s unlikely we’ll see a DC Black Label movie brand as such, but not impossible that more movies like Joker could be down the line: “Their [DC/Warners] thing is, there’s no reason to create its own label, there’s no reason to go to all that trouble. Just when we want to one of these kind of movies, we’ll do it, just like Joker is. I get that, but I also thought it was just kind of cool if it became a thing.”

However, before all this rumour stuff, Phillips had talked about a Joker sequel and what it would need to be to make it a reality.

“It couldn’t just be this wild and crazy movie about the Clown Prince of Crime,” he said.

“It would have to have some thematic resonance in a similar way that this does. Because I think that’s ultimately why the movie connected, it’s what’s going on underneath. So many movies are about the spark, and this is about the powder. If you could capture that again in a real way, that would be interesting.”

Now, all this being said, it is still very likely that a sequel to the movie will happen in some form – it was the biggest earning r-rated movie ever and the most profitable comicbook movie of all time, so there’s no way thoughts aren’t being developed by someone, somewhere.

But for now, it’s not happening. And I’m still torn between really wanting one and really not.

What say you all? Let me know.

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