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No John Williams for Episode VII?! Finally a Star Wars rumour we’re not happy about…

February 7th, 2013 by Paddy 2 Comments

Some things just go together. Cheese and onion, chips and ketchup, monkeys and bananas and John Williams and Star Wars.

Or at least that used to be the case. Rumour is abroad that the legendary composer will not be returning to the franchise that he is, perhaps, most famous for.

This week’s episode of the Empire Podcast mentioned an interview that took place with JJ Abrams at the time of Super 8 – when he said that the only person he knew who was a bigger Star Wars geek than him was his long time collaborator Michael Giacchino.

Abrams and Giacchino are almost as synonymous for being together as cheese and onion, chips and ketchup … you get the idea.

So it’s not without reason to posit that Abrams will want his long time friend and colleague on board what will be the biggest challenge of his career.

To add an element of credence to this growing rumour. Giacchino is no stranger to the Star Wars franchise having penned the score for Star Tours.

As much as Giacchino’s work stands up to the highest scrutiny it can’t be denied that it just wouldn’t be the same without Williams involved on some level.

It’s bad enough that we’ve already lost the 20th Century Fox intro at the start which was such an integral part of Star Wars on the big screen.


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