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Nods to Robin? Is the new Batman a killer? And HOW old is Wonder Woman? New details from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

January 27th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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It sounds like Ben Affleck’s Batman is going to be a darkened, tortured soul with some serious emotional baggage in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, baggage he has picked up from watching Robin die, it would seem.

Producer Charles Roven spoke to Empire Magazine (via Squareeyed) about Affleck’s highly-anticipated portrayal of the Dark Knight, teasing Robin as a reason for his “angrier, tougher” disposition.

“[Batman] is not giving people a chance. He is more than a vigilante. He has become not only the cop, if you will, he has also become the jury and executioner. He’s older, [and] he’s seen the worst of what man can do,” Roven said.

“He’s been darkened by it, he’s tougher, he’s angrier, I guess. He’s still lost those that are near and dear to him, and not necessarily from old age or disease,” he continued.

Surely a nod to Robin, Roven is teasing fans big time here because how Batman’s sidekick factors into Dawn of Justice is one of the enduring mysteries surrounding the film?

One thing that does strike us is the use of the word ‘executioner’ in his quote… is this new Batman a killer? Because, frankly, that don’t sit right with us, given his strict vow to not kill.

We have a lot of faith in Snyder, Warners and DC so we pray they don’t let this happen.

Meanwhile, director Zack Snyder also revealed his thinking behind using the villain Doomsday in the movie. Many fans were left perplexed and annoyed when he was revealed at the end of the most recent full-length trailer.

To go up against heroes like Batman and Superman, we wanted to introduce one of the DC Universe’s most iconic and powerful villains,” Snyder said. “He is essentially an unstoppable force. He poses a real threat to the world within the film.”

As for wonder Woman….

One of the most exciting things about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the big screen debut of Wonder Woman. But how old is she?

Rumours last year suggested that Diana Prince would be at least a couple of hundred years old in the film, but Zack Snyder, the movie’s director, has actually confirmed that she is over 5,000 years old when Batman v Superman begins.

“It was incredibly organic how Wonder Woman came into the story,” Snyder told Empire, “The whole concept came of, ‘Let’s not save anything. Let’s try it all.’ Then Wonder Woman’s entrance made us realise we were much closer to the Justice League than we thought. We realised we were one movie away.”

The magazine also spoke with Gal Gadot herself, who revealed that she actually stopped being a superhero several years ago, before unknown events caused her to don the iconic costume once again: “Because she’s seen it all, she has seen what humans can do, so it was very hard for her to come back and fight. They have the same attitude. Although when she is Diana she tries to blend in, she is not too outgoing. I don’t want people to think she is perfect. She can be naughty.”

Meanwhile, producer Deborah Snyder (Zack’s wife) teased a few more interesting details about Wonder Woman’s standalone film, scheduled for release in 2017: “Her sexuality is part of her power, but she is also a feminist icon. Gender has been a hot topic, so it is very timely to bring her back. The way we have approached it, especially in the stand alone movie, that is definitely there.

“Looking back and doing an origin story – and it is a period piece – see the role of women through history. There is a great source of humour in that now. It is so unbelievable you can’t even fathom it. You are still making a statement, but having some fun with it.”

All will be revealed when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres March 25.

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