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Not All Are Happy With Superman In BVS

September 30th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

So a recurring thing that fans of all shapes, sizes, and loyalties talk about is the destruction caused in the climatic battle of Man of Steel. Mainly that there is a LOT of destruction, and a LOT of loss of life. It honestly gets to the point where fans are throwing hate on Superman.

Apparently, citizens in the movie feel the same way.

Pictures from a recent film shoot for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice show protestors…well protesting. And as you can see, they aren’t too happy with the boy in blue.

The signs paint a clear picture of the feelings of the people. But that’s only half the story…and half of the picture…

Yep, that’s a superman “doll” on the ground getting burned alive. Not nice.

What remains to be seen is how this will affect the main characters in the movie. Rumors have been swirling that Batman is one of the people not happy with Superman after the events of Man of Steel. Will these protests spur him into action?

We’ll find out when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters March 2016.

Source: Comicbook

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