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“Oh, One More Thing… ” Is Mark Ruffalo in line to play Columbo?

July 19th, 2014 by Dave Bowling Comments

So, The Hulk ain’t enough of a pop cultural icon then? Seems Bruce Banner himself Mark Ruffalo may be lined up to play Peter Falk’s detective in a dirty mac. Yes, Hollywood may be bringing Columbo to the big screen.

In a ever-so-slightly leading Twitter conversation, in the last three days Ruffalo, screenwriter Gary Whitta (After Earth) and Twitterer [Mystery Executive] had the following exchange:

Any takers for a feature-length Columbo outing? With the right script this could be pretty damn good, especially if the Cohen brothers are actually involved. I just hope like hell that nobody takes the Starsky & Hutch “comedy” route with it…

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