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Original scooper lays out why Ben Affleck is ‘definitely’ coming back to Batman role

July 19th, 2020 by Marc Comments

That rumour about Ben Affleck returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman? Yeah, it’s still gathering steam.

Around the time HBO Max confirmed that yes, they are releasing the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League (here) and then that Micheal Keaton was likely to return as Batman (here), another rumour raised its head that Affleck was coming back to finish off his story in the role (here).

It was all too much to take in and, as the Keaton rumour seemed to gather steam, the Affleck one kinda just hung out in the background, waiting… like Batman.

And yet, somewhere deep, deep down, I believe there is some truth to it.

Now Taylor Murphy, who seemed to kick the whole rumour around Affleck of, has taken to the LightCast Podcast to prove he knows what he is saying (and he brought a load of images of other scoops to prove he’s no fake when it comes to Warners Bros news).

“A buddy of mine, he runs one of those DC fan accounts that has a few hundred thousand followers on it, and he has some friends that work in special effects and then he texted me, he’s like, ‘Hey, my special effects buddy just told me that Ben signed a new contract. What the f’ is he talking about?’. That’s how the conversation started. I’m like, ‘Dude, that is awesome because I heard the same thing from like three other people over here’,” Says Murphy.

“So I started taking all these little confirmations, but eventually, I would like, you know what, I’ll just go f’n ask. I’ll just go to my source. I’ll call them up – like BAM – and I just called them and they told me, they’re like, ‘Sounds like you’ve already got your answer. What do you want me to tell you?'”

To further justify why we should listen to him, he points out that his family have been closely connected to the Warners lot for many years: “My family. I will say this, my great aunt, my grandma’s sister was a lot producer, she worked on the Burbank lot as a project producer, she produced TV shows, movies and everything in between,” he says.

He said that when he talked to his family about Affleck’s return there was little doubt about what they were telling him: “[They said,] ‘We can’t talk about something like that if it’s real, but it sounds like you’ve already got the information. I can’t stop you at that point, you’ve already got the information that you want even if I can’t tell you, yes or no, you got the information,’ and I was like, ‘Thanks,'” said Murphy.

Murphy previously reported that Affleck’s return would either be reported at DC FanDome on 21st August or during JusticeCon on July 25th and 26th (speaking of which, we have posted the full JusticeCon schedule below).

Obviously none of this might amount to anything, but as I said, despite all the Pattinson Batman stuff going on – including a companion TV series (here) – I still have the feeling that the full plan is yet to be revealed… and I believe that Affleck has a further role to play in it.

Are we getting the Snyderverse back? Let me know what you all think about this news…

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