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Paul McGann is very open to returning to the TARDIS again…

January 10th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Paul McGann has had a long and illustrious career over many different mediums. However, one of the more controversial roles in his career is the TV Movie in which he played The Doctor. While I, and many others, believe that his interpretation on the character is entertaining, the problem was that the story was not well thought out and made little sense.

However, since this time, McGann has returned to the role of The Doctor through radio and, most famously, the internet exclusive minisode, The Night of the Doctor. All of these have proven that McGann has an excellent grasp on the character and with a good script, can give a truly spectacular performance.

All of this has led to fans wanting to see McGann return to the role in some capacity, and it seems that McGann feels the same way. In a recent interview the actor stated: “I don’t mind doing a little bit every now and again and stealing all the glory! It’s quite fun. You’re coming in at the 89th minute and scoring the winning penalty – yeah, I’ll do that.”

While this is simply an interview, stating that he would like to return, it is still exciting. McGann’s tenure as The Doctor was viewed as unfairly short, so it would be great to see him return to the Tardis one more time.

Source: Cultbox

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