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Quentin Tarantino wants to make a horror movie…

January 8th, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments


What should Quentin Tarantino do next? The Hateful Eight, his eighth feature film (according to what it says in the opening credits, anyway), is finally arriving in UK cinemas on Friday (January 8). Now that he has delved into the genres of crime, western, action, martial arts and thriller, where should he dip his toes next?

Well, according to the director, he would like to try his hand at horror and would love to make a “really, really scary horror film.”

The director is renowned for high levels of gore and violence in his films so his style wouldn’t exactly be misplaced in the genre. He recently revealed during The Hollywood Reporter’s Director’s Roundtable that he plans to only make ten movies, meaning he has two left, before retiring to a career of writing books and directing theatre.

He also addressed his decision in an interview with Time Out (via Squareeyed):  “I don’t want to be the guy that’s doing this forever. There should be an end,”  he said, before discussing the film genres that appeal to him most.

“There is not a genre left where I have the same burning desire that I had to do a World War II movie (Inglourious Basterds) or a martial-arts movie (Kill Bill). I think maybe the one genre left might be a 1930s gangster movie, that kind of John Dillinger thing.

“I’m also interested in doing something contemporary, where I can have a character who gets in a car, turns on the radio so I can have a cool driving montage. If I had all the time in the world, I would love to make a really, really scary horror film like The Exorcist.”

It’ll be interesting to see where the director goes next. Long-delayed plans for a third Kill Bill film finally appear to be accelerating, so that would perhaps only leave room for one other film – a horror one. Would you like to see Quentin try to scare the living daylights out of all of us? I know I would.

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Matt Gault is a sports writer and film fanatic. He is a fully-qualified journalist and has worked for BBCNI, Sunday Life and has been published on The Guardian's website. He interns at REDNI, sub-editing for the Belfast Telegraph. He studied at Queen's University pretending to like history and literature and then University of Ulster Coleraine, where he slacked off enormously for a year and somehow got away with it. He also enjoys Captain Morgans, The Sopranos, Led Zeppelin and Hunter S. Thompson which makes him a remarkably uninteresting person.