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Robotech movie targets Furious 7’s James Wan to direct

May 1st, 2015 by Christopher Williams Comments


Sony’s movie department is in a bit of trouble. After attempting to prop itself up with a big movie franchise, and dropping the ball on it’s reboot of Spider-Man, they need a fresh idea. And it looks like they may have struck gold with their latest, adapting a live action Robotech for the big screen.

Sony thinks they’ve also found their man to guide the franchise with Fast & Furious 7’s James Wan. According to Deadine Sony is in talks with Wan, just as Fast 7 crossed the billion dollar worldwide mark, so it’s a good time to be Wan.

Robotech, an anime from the 1980s, told the story of humans using found alien technology, namely cool as all hell jet fighters that transform into robots, to defend Earth from invading alien forces. The property spawned several different series as well as a ton of merchandise throughout the 80s, so you could see why Sony would be enthusiastic about developing Robotech. It could be the huge blockbuster franchise that Sony feasts on for a decade. If done right, not only would the potential for revenue be limitless, but we could also be in store for some jaw dropping, visually epic movies.

There are a few hurdles to be cleared before Wan officially signs on. A man about Hollywood presently, Wan is also said to be making The Conjuring 2, has been attached to the Aquaman movie and who’s to say he wouldn’t want to keep going with the Fast & Furious series?

Though I for one would hope that he would be more than excited about Robotech and jump on it immediately. As in, tomorrow. My life needs a live-action Robotech series in it. Mr Wan and Sony, please help make this happen.

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