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Rose McGowan has a crazy idea for how she can return to the Scream franchise… and it makes a lot of sense

November 15th, 2022 by Marc Comments


Well, this is interesting and fun and it could actually work for a few reasons.

Ok, so Rose McGowan, the former actress who is best known at FTN HQ for playing Tatum Riley in the first scream movie, has a not as crazy as it seems idea about how her character could come back.

McGowan played Tatum in Scream in 1996 and her character was a big one for several reasons – she was Sidney’s (Neve Campbell) best friend, Dewey’s (David Arquette) sister, Stu’s (Matthew Lillard)’s girlfriend and is still, in my opinion, one of the franchise’s most grisly deaths; if you’ve seen it, you know.

But McGown has a novel idea for how she, the actress, could return to the franchise… as Tatum and Dewey’s hitherto unknown sister.

“I don’t want to act anymore. It’s not my thing. But I always thought Tatum should’ve had a twin that came back and was like ‘hell to the no,’ and had dark hair, and revenged her,” she says.

“In a perfect world, I thought that would’ve actually been a really smart element. She could still do that. She could still have a twin that was maybe institutionalized and got out and is like, ‘It’s on.’ She could’ve been the family shame because the family was kind of perfect… I would play the sister who was institutionalized and who came out and wreaked havoc.”

Matthew Lillard’s Stu is still alive and could be back in the Scream franchise

Now, yes, this idea is insane and pure Scooby-Doo logic… but it might just fit in the Scream universe and we’ll explain why.

Firstly, In Scream 3, Sidney found out she had an unknown brother called Roman (yes, he was the killer) and he was played by Scott Foley. In Scream 3, it turned out that Randy had a sister we hadn’t heard of previously called Martha (Heather Matarazzo) and who returned in the latest Scream and whose kids played a big role in that story, so family and previously unknown siblings, is a part of the series.

If there was another Riley in the Scream universe, she has plenty of reason to be angry and want to kill Ghostface once and for all and end his legacy – he killed Tatum in Scream, Dewy in Scream (5) and to add insult to injury,  it was all done by Tatum’s boyfriend, Stu.

Speaking of Stu, there has long been a fan outcry to have Matthew Lillard return to the series – and he technically did in Scream 2 and Scream (5) – and was, at one stage, set to be the villain in Scream 3 before the script had to be rewritten; on top of this, his house, the iconic final location of the first movie, made a big return in Scream (5) last year; we have a big article about all this and why Stu is likely still alive and could return to the series yet and it’s linked above. If he did return, McGowan’s character hunting the man who killed her sister – her TWIN sister! – would be deliciously cool.

Next year’s Scream (6) (rumoured to be called Scream!!) is bringing back Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby, who was thought murdered in Scream 4, so it’s not out of the question for familiar faces to return in the series.

Scream 5 and 6 originally had a planned story that would see Ghostface being the one being hunted for a change (well, there were two Ghostfaces after each other), meaning the idea of the killer being on the run isn’t entirely new (here).

And the final reason? Well, the next Scream will be the first in over 25 years not to have Dewey in it after he was killed off in Scream (5), so we could certainly be on the lookout for another Riley to pick up the mantle.

Plus, wouldn’t a Scream where Ghostface is being hunted be really fresh and fun?

So, there you go. Yes, we got way too excited about a throwaway conversation by a star of one of our favorite movie (franchises) ever but I make no apology.

Rose McGowan has opened the door for a deliciously mental return to the Scream franchise and we would be 100% behind it.

Just us? Let us know…

Source: IndieWire

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