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Rumour appears online about Venom movie… star Tom Hardy replies accordingly

March 27th, 2018 by Marc Comments

Oh, you know how these things go… a rumour does the rounds online [I’ve seen the movie/I know about the movie and…] and then the studio/actor/janitor get unhappy about it.

Well, here we are with the Venom movie.

You may recall the trailer (here) that had everyone wondering where Venom was in the Venom trailer? Well, now a rumour online suggests that we won’t actually see too much of the Venom suit in the movie which stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock: “manifest itself via veins on Brock’s arms, tendrils, additional arms, and a shield during a car chase” and then at the end of the movie in the big fight.

It goes on to give a full potentially spoilerific synopsis:

The film beings with Eddie being released from prison on early parole, where he reunites with his wife (Michelle Williams) and a daughter that doesn’t even recognise him. As a result, Eddie hits the drink and ends up passed out in the woods, where a space debris crash lands and the symbiote emerges, bonding with him as he sleeps.

The government arrive to quarantine the crash site, where a second symbiote is captured, and a third attacks a scientist and kills him, remaining hidden in his body. Eddie meanwhile attempts to flee but is taken into custody, presumably by The Life Foundation, who begin to experiment on him. At this point, the symbiote defends itself, manifesting arms and tendrils that take out the guards and allows Eddie to escape.

As he makes his way to his wife’s home, Eddie discovers that the villains are lying in wait. A car chase ensues, before Eddie learns that the government has captured his family, which forces him to go back into custody. Here he discovers that the third symbiote has been taken into custody, which causes the Venom symbiote to fully form its traditional costume as the two extra-terrestrials battle – a fight that Venom quickly wins, allowing Eddie and his family to escape.

The movie also reportedly ends with a set up for a sequel, with a scene which reveals that the scientist who was attacked at the crash site is actually alive and bonded to the other symbiote.

So, that happened.

Then this happened:

Asinine rumours says Hardy. So what do you think? Is Hardy telling the truth or just defending his movie?

Seriously? We’ve been wondering if the suit will even look like the traditional Venom suit… after all the costume with the big shite spider comes from the fact that Spider-man wore the suit before it became the anti-hero that is Venom. But if Spider-man isn’t in the movie (although there’s rumours that he is) then why would Venom look like he’s supposed to?


Also, what is the face-eater in the image Hardy shared? Well, we reckon it might be  reference to the fact that Hardy has a reputation for having his face covered in his movies… Mad Max: Fury Road, Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk… so we reckon he’s suggesting that, once again, he’ll have his face ‘eaten’ by a mask.

In fact, it actually looks like the symbiote DOES eat Eddie’s face in the comics sometimes:

Or maybe we’re wrong… maybe we missed something completely. Let us know your thoughts…

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