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Russo Brothers to helm Battle of Planets, AKA Gatchaman

September 1st, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Seems like now being out of the MCU that the Russos have a bit of spare time on their hands and are using it to recreate the much beloved Japanese anime Gatchaman.

So the anime originally called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (below) was released in 1972 and was originally based around these science ninjas sporting bird costumes all to defeat Galactor nut when it was brought over to the US everything was kept the same apart from the name which was changed to Battle of Planets… sounds about right for the Russos.

From what I can tell we’re basically looking at the Power Rangers dressed up as birds, I mean I have absolutely no issues with that I think it’ll be hilarious, but this is right up the Russos’ alley and should be quite interesting to see what they do.

We have a little clip here from the original anime so you can check it out for yourself and make up your own mind if you think this is a good idea or not.

Source: Comicbook

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