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Schwarzenegger excited to get filming The Legend of Conan

June 29th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments


With Terminator Genisys opening this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in the spotlight quite a bit lately. Many people are excited to see Arnold return to the role that made him famous so many years ago.

However, during a Press Conference in Beverly Hills on Friday, we were all reminded that Arnold has another role he will be revisiting shortly. This role is, of course, is Conan the Barbarian.

In this conference, Arnold discussed how the film was progressing. He stated: “It needs some tweakage, but they’ve done an extraordinary job with it, and very thoughtful. So I’m looking forward to working with them on that as soon as this [Terminator Genisys] gets out of the way. Because I’m very focused on one thing at a time, [and] then we do the next thing”.

The film, entitled The Legend of Conan, tells the story of Conan’s final quest to save the Kingdom. What was also interesting about this interview though, was the fact that Arnold stated that he would like to work with James Cameron again. Arnie said, “Oh yeah. I would love to do something with Jim anytime”.

The prospect of Cameron and Schwarzenegger teaming up again is certainly an interesting concept. Many of these men’s best projects, were made when they were working with the other. Here’s hoping that they will be back… together.

Source: Nerdist

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