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Some very cool – but SPOILERY – details on Captain America: Civil War

April 13th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Way back in December, we reported on a particular LEGO set being released ahead of Captain America: Civil War. It was all fun and games until we realised that these toys were giving away some pretty big spoilers for the movie. One that really caught our eye (you can read the full post here) was the inclusion of Giant-Man.

It came as quite a surprise because there was no indication of seeing Giant-Man in Civil War. He wasn’t in the trailers and had only been briefly teased in Ant-Man so we were content with seeing the miniature version of Scott Lang’s superhero. Technically it’s just an oversized Ant-Man figure, but those who know their comics know that the character can use the Pym Particles (the secret ingredient that gives him the ability to shrink) as a means of growing to ridiculous sizes.

We saw a bit of that in Ant-Man (in the best Thomas the Tank Engine cameo we’ve ever seen), but we’re yet to see it done to a human.

Here’s the spoilery LEGO set below:


Now, Giant-Man was reportedly confirmed in the recent Captain America: Civil War press conference. Reddit (via Squareyed) reported that lots of major spoilers had been confirmed over the course of the press conference and are listed as follows:

  • There’s a scene where Robert Downey Jr. is de-aged to look like he’s in his 20s
  • There’s scene in a bedroom involving both Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.
  • Tony and Rhodey’s complicated friendship will continue to be explored
  • Vision and Wanda are attracted to each other because of how they don’t know the limits to their powers
  • Vision makes a big mistake by the end – something related to making a human connection with Wanda
  • Spidey has been active for quite a bit and Tony knows about him because of word of mouth and shakey pedestrian video stuff.
  • Ant-Man says “I believe this belongs to you, Captain America.”
  • Ant-Man goes big
  • Scarlet Witch’s journey centres around figuring out the limits to her powers
  • Wanda makes a very big mistake early on in the movie
  • Peggy is dead
  • Sharon and Steve make out
  • An interviewer says that the character development is so great that they people might even ask for a War Machine movie – this probably means he doesn’t die.

There’s some whacky stuff in there, like the thought of RDJ de-aging into his 20s sends shivers down our spines. But “Ant-Man goes big” basically confirms the inclusion of Giant-Man, therefore confirming the theory that had been going around for months.

Giant Man

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