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Sony in Talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Helm Metal Gear Solid Movie

June 4th, 2014 by Dave Bowling Comments

Sony is apparently holding talks with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on a movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid.

According to Deadline, although talks are still at an early stage, Sony are discussing the possibility of The Kings of Summer director Vogt-Roberts coming aboard. The project is produced by Avi Arad and being steered by production president Michael De Luca. Given the early stage of the project, no cast members or release date has been mentioned.

A Metal Gear feature has been stuck in development hell for some time. It has taken this long for the game creators and the studio to find themselves on the same page in how to tell the story. Creator Hideo Kojima is a well-known perfectionist and has long held reservations about how a silver screen version would effectively tell the complex storyline specifically developed with viewer interaction in mind.

What is not clear at this stage is whether the original two Metal Gear games that predate 1998’s Metal Gear Solid will be adapted. If not, it is very possible that a good deal of protagonist Solid Snake’s backstory would be cut out. Kojima has developed eleven canonical Metal Gear games since 1987, acting as writer/director or producer. The games are set over a long span of time, ranging from 1964 to 2018 and following three main protagonists codenamed Solid Snake, Big Boss and Raiden.

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