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Spider-Man’s Aunt May Starring in her own movie? Wut?!

November 11th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

According to Latino Review, the producers of the Amazing Spider-man flicks are considering an Aunt May movie, without the masked-slinger involved.

Basically, it isn’t actually as far-fetched as it seems at first glance, as the film wouldn’t be starring Sally Field and an old Aunt May would not be kicking cosmic butt. What the producers are planning is a film based on the early years of Aunt May’s character, before Peter Parker came into her life.

Latino Review reported that the film is going to “…target mood is some sort of espionage story in the vein of AMC’s Mad Men, which sounds like a way of saying ‘classier Agent Carte’” without name-dropping Marvel’s upcoming series.”

Marvel have already tried to reinvent the young May Parker, with Trouble, a 2003 romance comic mini-series where it turned out she was actually Spider-Man’s biological mother. The series was dropped after being critically panned and exasperating the fans of the characters. So, it is safe to say the same elements that made Trouble such a disaster wouldn’t be incorporated into the new movie… and believe us, this isn’t the aunt May you’re used to!

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However, with Mark Millar working with Fox on their own Marvel properties (X-men et al.) while Marvel concentrate on the Civil War phase in Captain America 3, Sony could easily join the Millar bandwagon by adapting Trouble.

It all sounds a bit funky at the moment, and not the good kind of funk. The opposite. We will keep you posted as always troopers.


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