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SPOILERS: Could a big mystery about Leia Organa be revealed in Star Wars Episode VIII?

June 13th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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This post contains major spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII. If you want to stay clear, use your Force Powers to navigate to a different part of SquareEyed and get lost in more stories…

For obvious storytelling reasons, some of the older familiar faces had precious little screen time in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Luke Skywalker’s time in the film was exactly one minute, while General Leia Organa didn’t accumulate much more than that. However, with Mark Hamill’s Jedi Master set to be a pivotal part of the story in Episode VIII, there’s some truly exciting things planned for Carrie Fisher’s Leia too.

Throughout the years, we’ve, like our friends over at, always wondered: can Leia use the Force? We’ve had our doubts, but that could be about to change. According to a new rumour that has various Star Wars forums abuzz on the interwebs, Leia will finally use the Force in a spectacular action sequence during Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII.

Coming from the hallowed IMDb forums and the intriguingly-named user Mr_Ghostface_Lives. The user also debunked the ultimate Star Wars theory that has been feverishly debated over the last six months, since the release of The Force Awakens, before getting into the Leia stuff.

“First of all, Luke is not Rey’s father,” was the first of two bombshells revealed by the mysterious forum trawler.

“If you really can’t let go of this, watch Episode VII and pay attention. He is not revealed to be her father in Episode VIII, nor will he be in Episode IX. The second and more exciting [rumor] is that Leia uses the force in Episode VIII. It is unfortunately true that they have minimized her screen time by writing her out after an attack early on, but the really cool thing about that sequence is that Leia survives only because she uses the Force. That’s all the detail you’re getting, but it’s a fact. I appreciate the need for evidence, but come next year, you’ll know it’s correct.”

So, Leia will do things she’s never done before, but with the filmmakers ‘writing her out after an attack early on,’ it’s safe to surmise that she’s not a central character in the rest of the trilogy.

At the moment, this is just a fun rumour. However, Mr_Ghostface_Lives belongs to that exclusive group of Star Wars fans who exist on the internet and actually seem to get a lot of things right. Along with MakingStarWars a few select others, Ghostface got a suspicious amount of Force Awakens spoilers 100% correct, too much to merely dismiss it as a coincidence. He clearly has connections and sources within Lucasfilm, like MSW. We’re not taking this at face value, but he isn’t just some random troll claiming to have a source.

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