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SPOILERS: Want to know what one of the Captain America: Civil War post-credit scenes are?

April 21st, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments


Warning: Massive Spoilers!

Captain America: Civil War is only a week away and while we’re determined to avoid major plot spoilers, we have found out about one of the post-credits sequences. Luckily, it’s only one (yes, there are multiple post-credits scenes in Civil War, it’s that damn awesome).

The details of the scene come from Flickering Myth (via Squareyed), who have seen the movie already and decided to divulge the details on one of the scenes for those who may want to read (yes, we foolishly clicked and kept reading).

Are you ready? Last chance to turn back! Still here? OK…

The mid-credits sequence shows Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) strapped to an upright table. A rather compromising position, yes. He’s calm as he looks around a large room, dotted with super-computers and lab equipment. He’s being tended to by a few doctors.

We’re not in the United States though. We’re in Wakanda. Yes, we’re in the homeland of Black Panther.

T’Challa is there, asking Bucky if he ‘really wants to do this?” Wakanda’s scientists are placing him in cryogenic stasis (again) and he could awake at any moment. Steve Rogers (Captain America) is also present. He’s grateful for Black Panther looking after Bucky.

The camera then reportedly pans out and we see the misty surroundings of Wakanda, with its mountainous terrain and “futuristic buildings half-submerged beneath the trees, and an enormous statue of a black panther, poised ready to pounce, on a huge column towering over the city.”

So, there you go. One of the Civil War credits scenes involves Black Panther and Bucky in the former’s homeland of Wakanda, potentially setting up Black Panther’s solo movie (which drops in 2018). We’re also expecting a Doctor Strange post-credits sequence and maybe even a Spider-Man one. We’re guaranteed to be getting more than one; this Black Panther one was the only scene made available at the press screening.

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