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Star Wars Episode VII villain rumours and Jason Isaacs set to voice The Inquisitor in Rebels?

June 19th, 2014 by Andrew McCarroll Comments

Well, it’s all about Star Wars recently isn’t it? Ah, who are we kidding, it’s always all about Star Wars and we have some news, rumours and madness for you today from the galaxy far, far away…

Late yesterday, reportedly received an email from a listener who works at a company that helps produce Star Wars Rebels and he provided them with some new information about the series’ cast and its premiere on the Disney Channel this fall. (Beware of minor spoilers below.)

Firstly, A name we’ve not heard in a long time, Obi-Wan Kenobi, will appear in the pilot, voiced by FTN favourite James Arnold Taylor. (MakingStarWars heard that he will appear as a holographic recording). Another character we can’t wait to see in action, The Inquisitor (more on him later), whose voice has been a topic of intense conversation since he was first revealed, will be played by Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs according to various sources.

And, kicking things off, Imperial agent Kallus is the main enemy of the two-episode series premiere, which also features Wookiees. The character of Kallus will be voiced by Jack Reacher and Rise of the Planet of the Apes star David Oyelowo.

Is that Isaacs in the clip right at the end? Could be…

Making Star Wars have also released some details about the principal characters and info on the pilot episode:

Ezra was born in the first year of the Empire. This is a detail we could have guessed based on when the show takes place and Ezra’s age. However, we’ve never heard it put so “poetically.” It makes Ezra a true child of the Empire.

Sabine has a way of making her explosions look beautiful. I’m not sure if this is new information or not. We know she tags on things. We know she is an explosives expert. I’m guessing her rebellious attacks have a way making an artistic, if not theatrical statement. But that’s my guess.

A Devaronian named Vizago is an underground dealer/crime lord on Lothal. We heard that Star Wars: Underworld was going to feature a lot of plots about how the underworld and 1313 supplied weapons to the rebellion. Perhaps we are going to see how this unfolds at the micro level? Also, we saw Hondo supplying weapons to the rebels on Onderon in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Kanan is in possession of a holocron. So that explains the Lego sets and might give a lot of credit to some early speculation on why the Inquisitor is sent by the Emperor or Darth Vader (depending on who you ask) to hunt Kanan.

Apparently, the  Kessel spice mines will appear, too.

Lots of Wookiees.

Ezra lives in a radio tower and collects stormtrooper helmets.


In Episode VII news, there’s been a lot of villain rumours bouncing around in the last few days….

Dark Horizons have rounded up the speculation and it has to be said, some of this makes a kind of sense from what we’re hearing.

A persistent rumour is that the main bad guys are Jedi Hunters, some even suggesting they could be Inquisitors similar to the one who will be in Rebels, which would be great and ties in nicely to the idea that Rebels will set up things in the new movies that we’ve been hearing. According to the site, these guys have been around a long time, they worshiped the Sith and at one time were tasked with protecting them: “After the Sith were destroyed, they began to emerge from the shadows and so a “outnumbered, tired and in need of help” Luke Skywalker has spent much of the past thirty years trying to stop them from achieving their goal – resurrecting the Sith – which they will likely do at some point in the new trilogy.”

Latino Review builds on this idea, reporting that they aren’t called Jedi Hunters but actors Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver are a part of this group – this is interesting as Nyong’o has been rumoured to be Asajj Ventress, who does look similar to the Inquistor, so there could be something here too (see below). The site says: “The villains are said to be characterized by black and chrome with troopers in similar black and chrome uniforms,” calling them “imperial, but very new”. Ventress and The Inquisitor are sporting some black and chrome too. Just saying…

Curiously, a limited edition Shadow trooper has been announced to be on sale at SDCC (pic below)  and we’re wondering if this is no coincidence (Source THR)?








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