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September 12th, 2014 by Marc 1 Comment

Everyone sitting comfortably? Good, then we’ll begin with the week’s BIG Star Wars news and rumours. Firstly , did you all see the Falcon and black X-Wing here? And Daisy Ridley’s character’s costume here? Good… let’s move on


InsideTV are reporting that the events, characters and locations in Star Wars Rebes may very well appear in future movies. Now, we’ve heard this before, but it’s been confirmed by none other than Rebels executive producer and creative consultant on Episode VII Simon Kinberg: The team behind Disney’s other announced Star Wars filmed story [Rebels] is creatively in cahoots with the Episode VII team. Even though Rebels takes place years before the events of the first-released Star Wars film (Episode IV), and is an animated series rather than a feature film, Disney wants to make sure any creative elements introduced in Rebels align with the rest of the Star Wars canon. That way, even with multiple Star Wars projects in various stages of development at the same time, the brand’s world-building will continue in a cohesive and consistent manner.

“It’s a very integrated process, there’s real communication between all the filmmakers because we’re all part of a larger timeline,” says Kinberg.

“There is absolutely communication and integration between the different stories. We are very aware of what they’re doing in VII, and we also have to click into place with Episode IV.”

“There are characters, vehicles, imagery that are introduced in the show before we’ve ever seen them in the movies, possibly including VII,” he added.

Stop messing around disney and get Ashoka Tano in EpVII please.i

Rebels starts on Oct. 3 on Disney Channel, and then starts its regular run on Oct. 13 on Disney XD.

More after these lovely new images from Rebels, so scroll on Star Wars fans…


One of the biggest parts of the new movies is looking like it will be where has Luke Skywalker been since we last saw in in Return of the Jedi? Most rumours are saying he has been missing for some time and may even be captured or gone to the Darkside.

Well, ThisIsInfamous say they have some groovy insider details on his whereabouts as the movie opens: “Luke hasn’t been missing for a full 30 years, only about 10,” they claim a source has told them, “with his early time post-RETURN OF THE JEDI being spent rebuilding the Jedi Order. Yeah, Luke had some things to do, in order to help get things back on track after the fall of the Empire. In addition, he has grown so powerful with his command of the Force that he can literally move mountains or bring down ships with merely a glance.

“But then Luke begins to feel a disturbance in the Force… and starts to feel the lure of the Dark Side. If word about the Emperor’s resurgence is true, I believe his presence and desire to court young Skywalker once again is the root of this new evil. Because he knows just what a danger he would be if successfully convinced to switch sides, Luke goes into a self-imposed exile and disappears [TO] Dagobah.”

This actually would make sense if Luke needed to get to grips with the darkside and come back to the light side of the Force.


Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner, the Hulk, wants to be in star wars Episode VIII reports Jedinews… hell yes is all we can say!

The actor sent an email to the movie’s director Rian Johnson that read: “Rian, congratulations on everything you’ve been doing. And by the way, if there’s a part in Star Wars, please, anything, please consider considering me to join you.”


Right, last big story is that we may have a name for the character played by the lovely Daisy ridley in Star Wars: Episode VII and the sequel trilogy. We have heard the mane Kira mentioned numerous times over the last couple of months and, yes, it’s been attached to Daisy’s character But now the guys at MakingstarWars are reporting that they are pretty sure that this is now a fact. They claim to have a source at @DaisyRidleyNews who “also heard from their own source that the hero of the film is named Kira and played by Daisy Ridley. We’ve got several messages backing that up in the last few months as well. One source even went as far as to say it was a tribute to Akira Kurosawa.”

The tweet read: “Like we always say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It is looking more and more likely a main character is named Kira and that character has now spanned several sets, locations, and countries. So, if I had to bet, Daisy Ridley is Kira in Star Wars: Episode VII. It could be a code name. It could be the real name.”

We reckon this is probably accurate but we’ll not know for sure for a while yet, but at the Tweet says, no smoke without fire…

See you all next time for the news round-up… until then, may the Force be with you. always.


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