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Tambor Wants Hellboy 3

October 6th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Hellboy is what many might call a “cult classic franchise”. The first movie did decent at the box office, but then sold out in VHS/DVD. Then it’s sequel, The Golden Army, did better at the box office, and did similar in the home market, and yet, we still don’t have Hellboy 3…yet.

As fans no doubt know (and I can personally attest to the following statement…), Ron Perlman WANTS a Hellboy 3 movie. He’s been campaigning for it for years! And now, it seems another member of the movie cast wants it as well. And he dropped an interesting tidbit when talking to Stephen Colbert…

“There is actually talk of a Hellboy 3,” Tambor said, “but they better  hurry or I’m going to be in a walker.”

So there IS talk? Great! Can we get more than that please?!?!

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